Introduce us

Introduce us

Coffee drinkers love Black Diamond Coffee, it's rich taste is an uncommon treasure in a world of flash and corner-cutting.

Where you stop most mornings has a lot to do with convenience and personal preferences. But, great coffee should be an imperative, almost a right. You deserve the luxury of Black Diamond Coffee, superior coffee everyone can enjoy.

Some retailers just don’t have a clue about how coffee can make a big difference between stopping and driving on by. There are several factors that affect the taste of coffee, and it’s usually not price. Actually the difference at the retailer’s cost might be only a penny or two per cup. Generic quality coffee is a compromise that hardly seems worth the effort, especially today.

Choosing the right coffee is about taste and some retailers just need a nudge in the right direction.

Next time the coffee is not up to your standards tell the store manager about Black Diamond Coffee. Or just tell us, we’ll take it from here. 

Be the first to tell us about a store that should be serving Black Diamond Coffee. Once they make a change to Black Diamond Coffee we will give you a free “large cup” coupon for one year of Black Diamond Coffee.

You get a better cup of coffee and your favorite retailer gets a more loyal group of customers. Add your request for a better cup of coffee here.

Offer is good for any retail customer over 18 years of age at a participating retailer in Brooklyn, Queens and on Long Island.