Captivating Coffee Elegance

Captivating Coffee Elegance

"An Uncompromising Treasure"


Like the mysterious origins of the most precious Black Diamonds, the legacy of Black Diamond Coffee is in the superiority and consistency of our exclusive coffee bean. You see, there are hundreds of ways to fill a cup, but for those who seek something truly captivating, a coffee that makes you notice its presence, there is only one Black Diamond.

Black Diamonds hold secrets. Their complex makeup and density suggest intergalactic origins, from meteorites that struck the earth billions of years ago. And, unlike common diamonds, a Carbonado as they are also known, covets light and captures its energy. Like true Black Diamonds, beans that measure up to our extreme standards are rare finds as well.  

In the presence of one of these fine jewels one cannot help but see their exquisite elegance, you actually feel the perfection. The Black Diamond Coffee that delights so many will captivate you in much the same way. It starts close to the coffee counter where you sense a finer fragrance, a little deeper and frankly more defined, more genuine, more evocative. 

Taste the prestige, this coffee is Liquid Luxury! Our unique coffee flavor comes from coffee beans that capture and convert their high-grown tropical origins into a more esteemed flavor. You see, like rare, highly-prized Black Diamonds, Black Diamond Coffee beans are exceptional finds from small estate farms in rarified microclimates. 

After the coffee bean harvest these “fine jewels” are legacy roasted and blended for a consistently deep, elegant and fulfilling coffee experience. By now it’s obvious why we chose to name our coffee Black Diamond. Since 1981, when we first discovered the extraordinary coffee growers that could fulfill our demands, we knew we needed a name that truly stood for unique elegance. Savor Black Diamond.

Discover the elegance and superior taste of Black Diamond Coffee at better independent food stores throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. The #1 Coffee Choice from Manhattan to Montauk.