About Us

About Us

Exceptional Coffee From The Very First Day


Beyond a morning wake up, a better cup of coffee is something everyone should be able to enjoy. We at Black Diamond Coffee believe that a profoundly better cup of coffee costs so little more, it is a wonder that so many retailers compromise. 

Better taste, richer flavor is why Black Diamond Coffee is #1. Black Diamond Coffee has been sold in the lower New York region since 1981. Since that time the brand has not only endured but blossomed on a well-earned reputation. It’s a dependably homey, New York coffee that inspires strength and a little prestige no matter what neighborhood you come from. 

Black Diamond Coffee is the primary coffee brand from Eastern Coffee Products, Inc.  Headquartered in Bohemia, NY; Eastern Coffee Products is a leading source of premium coffees and related products. We take great pride in the fact that The New York coffee flavor of our popular Black Diamond Brand is the best-selling coffee in the region, with more cups enjoyed per day here than from any of our competitors –  even the largest coffee chain. You’ll find this exceptional coffee at hundreds of better independent food and convenience stores throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, New York. 

At Eastern Coffee Products we know what a better coffee experience means from the inside out. From tree to cup outstanding coffee takes many hands. For example, consider the farmers, pickers, sorters, shippers, roasters and blenders that are a part of every package of premium Black Diamond Coffee. And, don’t forget the hardworking people at any of our retailers that assure every pot is properly brewed, is fresh and tastes great, every time!  That delicious cup of coffee you drink is no accident.

The nucleus of our operations is a modern, energy efficient, fully solar-powered facility midway between Manhattan and Montauk, New York. It features a solar energy system along with other facility enhancements that make us energy positive. We are committed to continuing these efforts to contribute to a cleaner environment.